How to build your own social network

by matso on November 27, 2010

Gina Bianchini, co-founder and former CEO of Ning, wrote a good post for Techcrunch about how to build a great social site. She boiled it down to seven principles from being unique and the best at one thing to creating a party and developing relationships.

You can read the full post here: The Seven Principles You Need To Know To Build A Great Social Product

You can create your own social network at Ning.

{ 0 comments } uses ‘crowd power’ to create and monitor keyword-based pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns for your product or service using Google, Yahoo, Bing and/or Microsoft adCenter.

Reducing the hours you have to spend doing it yourself is one benefit. Another is that, as the theory goes, a crowd of experts will be able to generate more clicks and conversions than you could by yourself. Strength in numbers, in other words.

The average campaign involves 25 optimizers employing an average of 6,200 keywords and 100 ads.

You tell Trada upfront how much you want to spend on your campaign. Trada will work with you to set bid prices for keywords. The PPC experts that Trada has attracted – optimizers, they are called – will then develop ads and keywords. If the bid prices the optimizers are able to achieve are lower than the original bids, they earn the difference. You can also choose to pay the optimizers when they make sales.

You can learn more at

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LinkBox™ lets you easily generate new sales leads and customer referrals online

June 24, 2010

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Tweetup tools to help you create, manage and promote your Twitter networking event.

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Tweet Tweetups are great for networking, meeting like-minded local people and promoting your business. These valuable tools can help maximize the success and functionality of your Tweetup. Manage your tweetup guest list with Twtvite. You can even use Twtvite to print out name tags with guests’ Twitter names, avatars and usernames. Hosting a paid Tweetup? […]

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Automatically create and place local online ads and flyers for your business or business clients

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Get the latest forecast for your keywords: number of impressions and demographics

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Accept credit card payments using your iPhone, iPad or Android phone with Square

May 12, 2010

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Combat banner blindness and banner burnout

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Use negative keywords to reduce your cost per click (CPC) and increase your return on investment (ROI)

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Groupon: coupons + social media = business boost

April 15, 2010

Tweet Groupon is a popular new website that sends subscribers in each city a daily e-mail that contains one heavily discounted bargain from a local business. Launched in 2008, Groupon has more than 3.7 million subscribers who receive their daily e-mail offers. More than 3,000 businesses have signed on to offer these deals. Groupon works […]

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